Notes from Nowhere

A Night of Firsts


Brother Scott and Charlotte flew into Durango from Seattle via Twin Falls, ID for a visit last night. (And this morning at some point.)


  • First time meeting Charlotte who is lovely and delightful – and who plays the vibes. Very cool. And the accordion. Very, uhm, cool? Absolutely. NOTE: if you’re ever out jamming and Charlotte’s on vibes, you better bring it.
  • First time hugging anyone since the plague
  • First time seeing Scotty this year (or last year?)
  • First time eating at a restaurant vs. take-out. We sat outside at Himalayan Kitchen where the service was friendly and efficient and where the food was outstanding across the board. Mine was ‘mixed grill’. Tonight, left over mixed grill.
  • First time anyone I know is staying at the Caboose Motel in Durango. Yes, caboose-themed. They’re digging the ambience, we’ll have to see how well they slept.

Their Caboose room

  • First time seeing this season’s South Park premiere which is, of course, an extended Pandemic episode. We watched it together at my place after dinner…

(No pics from last night so instead, the image up top is appropriate vintage Scotty shot.)