Notes from Nowhere

Lovell Canyon

Lovell Canyon Nevada


Left way-too-hot Lake Meade yesterday in order to get my solar battery monitor rewired, and at long last have a vent installed in the solar compartment to help with overheating of the system.

After dropping the rig at the service center, I headed over to brother Jeff’s place for a visit and to do a few hours of work. First time seeing Jeff since before the Pandemic which was really the point of travelling out to Las Vegas in the first place.

Mission accomplished at the service center, I headed out to Lovell Canyon which is about 45 minutes from the Strip in the foothills west of town. It was a little hairy setting up in the spot I chose but I didn’t arrive up here until close to sunset and wasn’t up for hunting a easier spot in the dark.

Besides the electric line, it was worth the maneuvering hassle I’m very happy here. Dinner tonight with Jeff, Scott, Charlotte and three friends of Scott’s from Seattle who I’ve known for some time but haven’t seen in years.

Who says a Pandemic can’t be fun…and tasty 🙂