Notes from Nowhere

Labor Day Weekend 2021


Yes, it’s Labor Day Weekend, which can only mean one thing…I’ve been out on the road for nearly a year!

See what I did there? I took a big national holiday meant to celebrate the contributions and achievements of all working Americans across our history, and I made it all about me. On the surface that makes sense since the ‘Me Generation’ was coined to describe the self realization, hedonism, civil disobedience and other assorted cultural chasms foisted by baby boomers onto their (our) unsuspecting parents.

Today, there are multiple ‘Me Generations’ and they’ve turned the relatively naïve and idealistic original on its head. There are two that stand out and they’re each far more destructive than the original. The first is the  ‘individual freedom’ movement that has given us domestic extremism, science denial, rampant paranoia, agoraphobia, conscious/aggressive ignorance, political and societal upheaval and, of course, Trump.

The second is the ‘influencer’ movement. This one is almost as scary as the first because its ultimate result is to remove individuality from the equation. Ironic, no? Influencers don’t create, nor do they pose questions whose answers may improve our lives. Influencers are simply miners, digging and scratching for followers. Their vocation is mind control for its own sake. And their followers are nothing more than drones. One massive game of follow the leader.


Anyway…I hope you are all having a wonderful Labor Day weekend, buying lots of mattresses and cars and electronics and housewares and such, all at unbelievable prices! This is my last week in Colorado for a while before hopping, skipping and jumping over to Utah for a month.

Don’t get Delta-ed or Mu-ed!!