Notes from Nowhere

Montana 2024

Big Pine Campground

Hi. This is my last night at the Big Pine Campground located a bit west of Missoula. I just managed to squeeze in here a week ago and glad I did.

Met a sublime family from Bainbridge Island and also enjoyed a 2-day visit with brother Scott who helped get some critical tech back online. We also shared a couple of excellent meals.

Bainbridge’s own Ayana created these stunning artworks just outside my front door. She signed them with her thumbprint – center bottom of each – because she can’t write her name yet. They’re the best things that have happened to my watercolor gear so far. Happy almost 4th birthday Ayana!

This <1 minute video of Fish Creek, a little tributary of Clark Fork River, was shot about 25 yards behind my spot and ends on an incredibly dramatic pan up the big pine that the campground is named for. If you suffer from vertigo, please view seated.



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  1. Paul Langer

    Wowza! Maybe I’ll meet you there next summer.

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