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It begins


Silverton, CO.

From a 3 bedroom house into a 27 foot travel trailer plus a covered F-150 bed for extra storage. I’m going to start by patting myself on the back ever so slightly. All the videos watched, articles read plus a bit of original thought all paid off. There’s almost nothing I didn’t have for hitting the road, arriving at destination 1 and setting up like a semi-pro wannabe. All of the crazy number of Amazon and other purchases turned out to be pretty much on the nose.

In fact, I’m over-prepared, but in a good way. For instance, I purchased the generator I initially thought I wouldn’t need given the features of my new home, and I don’t need it. Yet. Very, very happy with that purchase decision though. There’s only one item I’m aware of so far that I’ll likely never need or use and it’s a relatively small thing. Otherwise, I did my homework (something I rarely ever did during my formal education) and the effort was rewarded.

I actually arrived in Durango, CO today after four days in Silverton. Silverton. Sheesh. With Covid still a very real thing, I didn’t even bother checking out the otherwise very inviting town. I’m sure it’s an awesome place in non-pandemic times. Then there was my first-ever RV park. (The goal is to be off-the-grid and one with nature 75% of the time, but I need to grow my sea legs first and do some focused research. Soon though.)

In the meantime…

I won’t name it because I’m not going to be very kind, but my Silverton stop may as well have been the infield at Indy. ATV heaven. If ATV’s are your thing, this is where you want to be. Actually, I guess most were technically UTVs. Big, loud, and their owners couldn’t care less that they were perpetrating a crime against nature by turning what is among the most beautiful and picturesque American environmental treasures into a vulgarity that defines some of the worst of America. Obviously there are responsible ATV/UTV owners, even some who visit Silverton. They were far outnumbered in Silverton last week. (So much more to say on this topic. Later.)

I’ll end on a positive note. What a difference 47 miles can make. I’m psychologically prepared to accept Silverton as the norm, but my location in Durango is the polar opposite of what I’ve now come to expect of RV park life – in my 4.5 day’s experience. I haven’t looked hard, but I haven’t seen or heard an ATV since arriving 3 or 4 hours ago. I’m set up, there’s apparently a bear cub that’s been hanging around the dumpsters for a couple of days, and my spirit is, for the moment, soaring. Time for dinner.

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