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These first three weeks of life on the road have really been just a test drive. I dropped the trailer off in Mesa Arizona yesterday (Phoenix) for several repairs and for them to address an ongoing issue with the solar charging system that doesn’t come close to achieving the claims made by the manufacturer of the system’s off-grid capabilities. 

In addition to the above, the list of necessary repairs in these first three  weeks include:

  • Propane leak leading to refrigerator failure and customer waking up with screaming migraines in the middle of the night his first three nights on the road.
  • Hanger rod severely bent and twisted as it pulled completely away from the ceiling. (Each of the three hanging rods have five points of access for securing them to the ceiling. The manufacturer chose to use only two of the five in every case. Maybe that shortcut them $.50 cents in time and materials? They’re now paying the Mesa service center at least $100 for the repair not to mention much more than that in customer angst dissatisfaction.
  • Toilet leak. (Luckily, a fresh water leak.)
  • Kitchen sink leak leading to…
  • …The bottom falling out of one of two kitchen drawers and failure of the second drawer’s track. 
  • Window shade pulling out of the wall on first use. 
  • Freezer door won’t latch

That’s just the first three weeks. That I can remember. 

And it hasn’t rained on me yet. My hopes are high but expectations low that a heavy rain – or any rain – won’t results in interior leaks. 

And yet, I’m so happy with everything about the trailer that hasn’t yet broken or failed and I’m thrilled with my decision to fully commit to the road. Once I escape this life-draining Purgatory with no further (immediate) restraint, I’ll be free to follow the road to where ever it may lead. 

Patagonia, AZ next.

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