Notes from Nowhere


I’ve been thinking about checking in for a while and, well, here’s the check-in.

As I hinted in my last post back in August, things got a little hairy rig-wise this past summer. I didn’t want to be or sound negative, so I took a blog sabbatical. One event more or less sums things up that period of, let’s call it whimsy: The fridge stopped working at some point over the summer. Around mid-fall, the fridge was finally repaired and I drove off feeling all fuzzy and warm inside. When I arrived at my first overnight after leaving the service center, I discovered that one of the hinges holding the refrigerator door on had snapped along the way. The door had fallen off, all of the freshly-stocked foodstuffs strewn across the floor.

Anyhow, happy belated fall and Thanksgiving!

I’m currently in the Arizona desert about 25 miles from Quartzite.

I’ll be rolling into the Phoenix area in a week or so to get that door repaired, see the dentist and catch up with a friend or two. Then I’ll be hunting for a warmish way to spend the balance of the winter.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and in for a festive, joyful holiday season.

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  1. Debbie Ring

    So good to read a new post! May you soon feel all fuzzy and warm inside again….and out!

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