Notes from Nowhere

Local Traffic Jam

Bovine Traffic Jam


The wind is still blowing hard. Worked on the new movie some. Gave myself a haircut and a shave. Now dinner.

Took this little clip a few hours before the cows came home…


Bovine Traffic Jam

The herd


Attention Craving Bovine

Ready for his close-up

3 Responses to “Local Traffic Jam”

  1. Paulette J

    As a back up to a solar system that is failing to keep a charge that will let you start your propane heater, purchase a battery heated puff vest which will last up to 8 hours. The little heat packets for ski boot and gloves can take care of your extremities. We spent a cold night in our camper when the fuses blew and we did not know where to replace them nor have extra fuses. We called a fix it truck and for a mere $80 dollars were educated. Keep you tales coming.


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