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Xmas Eve & Xmas Day


The Dinner

Wow. The venison dinner was everything we’d hoped it would be plus a disco light!

Here are some highlights…

The table is set


Plate filled with delicious food. Everything was good, the venison was superb. Thanks Doug!


Wine! (All 3 were hits)


Beth’s Fuck You to 2020. French Silk Pie baked earlier in the day from her cookbook “Ms. American Pie”


Dessert – the pie was wonderful, the crust was out of this world (pie recipe below)


Dancing under a custom-made disco light (yes, even I danced briefly, if you can call it that) was the order of the post-dinner evening


The Hike

Got a call from Cliff and Linda on Xmas day inviting me for a hike deep inside the nearby Empire Ranch, which is within the Las Ciengas National Conservation Area. A grove of cottonwood trees is one of their favorite spots…

Linda and Cliff in the grove



Even in a years-long drought, mother nature finds ways to provide



This is the tallest, prettiest and healthiest cottonwood in the grove. It’s hard to tell the scale from this pic, so…


Here I am at the foot of that gorgeous tree


And now, the pie recipe…

Thanks for sharing the recipe Beth!

3 Responses to “Xmas Eve & Xmas Day”

  1. Marco

    That is one big cottonwood tree! I grew up with a big one in my back yard, it often dropped branches larger than most trees…


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