Notes from Nowhere

Dosed 2.0


In spite of a couple of yahoos deciding to do some target shooting a couple of days ago just around the bend from my little hideout – maybe 75 yards from where my head hits the pillow – this was a great spot to hang while waiting for vaccine 2.0. Drove into Durango this am for that shot and so far just a hurt arm.

(Turns out shooting is perfectly legal in national forests including this one – San Juan National Forest. Not only legal, but pretty much encouraged based on this video…)

Plan is to lay low a couple of days in case I experience 2nd-shot malaise, then Northward toward Montana. Will be in Livingston the last 2 weeks of June. Hopefully I’ll get it together to book myself an outfitter for a half day or full day of fly fishing. Other than that, no plans besides maybe trying to take a few purdy pictures.

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