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Nine Mile Canyon, UT


After my stay at Crystal Creek Ditch and en route to Montana, I stopped for 3 days at a campground in Helper, Ut. to regroup and dump my tanks. (Lovely phrase, yes?) I had no plans to sightsee, but Michelle, the delightful owner of the campground with her husband, knocked on my door soon after I set up to say hi. She told me about Nine Mile Canyon, which was about an hour away, and handed me a flyer (below) with mile markers for some of the gazillian petroglyphs along the way.

I drove out the next day – not forgetting to forget the guide Michelle provided. Luckily, some of the sites are marked with signs. Here are a few of the pics I snapped along the way. I’ve taken the liberty of naming some of the rock formations that caught my eye as well as renaming some of the glyphs. Click for full resolution…

The ride through the canyon was pretty beautiful

These bright orange wildflowers were welcome non-rock-art eye candy

ET’s girlfriend, obviously

Flying cow with Star of David

Open window

Owl panel (actual, official name)

Owl close-up

Clear evidence that Theodor Geisel visited Nine Mile Canyon

See what I mean!

I call this one Dead Monkey. Can you see it?

Petroglyph Porn

Psychedelic Pstone

Angry Bumblebee

I came across several examples of this cool honeycomb effect

Snaky Math ProblemΒ 


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  1. rick

    Great Photos
    Thanks for the tour
    I liked the petroporn AKA pornoglyphs


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