Notes from Nowhere

Baseball Anyone?


Brother Jeff and pal Jason Kraus are two people in my life who happen to be the smartest, most entertaining and longest suffering NY Mets fans. I bugged them for years about doing a podcast and they finally agreed – 2 weeks before baseball was cancelled last year due to the Pandemic.

We ‘d managed to get two episodes done prior to last year’s shutdown and we just posted episode 2 of the new season. We very modestly named the show “Earth’s Second Best NY Mets Podcast”.

Yours truly is the host, but Jason and Jeff are the brains of the operation.

For those of you who may be baseball fans or know baseball fans who’d enjoy a smart and entertaining podcast focused on the Mets, but touching on all aspects of the game, I’ll post new episodes here as they roll off the digital presses.

Like this one…