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Cloudy With A Chance of Sun


Picked up the trailer from the dealership yesterday late afternoon. Here’s the basic rundown:

Leak – They sprayed what sounded like a great deal of water onto the roof with no leakage. They asked whether the trailer was level. It was not perfectly level and it was, I believe leaning a bit in the direction of the seam. Their conclusion: the rain rained very hard, and the trailer wasn’t level. They could, they explained, replace the rubber seal, but their opinion was that it wouldn’t change the physics. Or control a leak that was likely caused by unusually hard rain and a not-perfectly leveled trailer. With some reluctance, I accepted their diagnosis.

(Last night and overnight at the trailer park, it rained quite a bit. No leak.)

Fridge – They turned it on. It worked. Their suspicion: once again, it was likely related to leveling. There is a small reservoir of ammonia, they explained, that, if angled enough, will no longer be available to play its role in making the refrigerator work. With somewhat less reluctance than the case of ‘the leak that’s not a leak’, I accepted their diagnosis. For those who may be intrigued by the ammonia story (Paul?), here’s a comprehensive yet very readable explanation. (One caveat: Prior to dropping off the trailer yesterday morning, I also turned it on. It didn’t work. I was level.)

I’m on a Colorado mountainside. It’s 4:30 pm.  The fridge is still working.

Stairs – Not in stock and it’s on back-order. I’ll deal.

That was the ‘a chance of sun’ part. Here’s the ‘cloudy’ part. Must watch til the end. (Geez, it’s under a minute. Just do it.) BTW, this was not planned or expected, though I guess it should have been.



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