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Too Soon For Idaho


The Park City area didn’t work out. No cell service. Stayed over one night then drove another 4+ hours to a spot near Alpine Wyoming. (I know, Wyoming. But I’m actually in Idaho, kinda looking at Wyoming.) Arrived yesterday.

It’s a pretty sweet spot except I’m ahead of the weather by at least 2 weeks. It was in the 20s overnight and will be again tonight. Still, I’ll take the chill over the heat any day.

Here’s a 360 view…

And here are some OK avian shots a took this afternoon…(click for full resolution)

9 Responses to “Too Soon For Idaho”

  1. Paul Langer

    Looks like you captured photos of an Osprey and a Caspian Tern. Nice. Don’t know what that duck is. Yvonne might know.

    Were they fishing?

    Also, it looks like the water in the lake was 15′ – 2-‘ higher at some point. Sad.

  2. Joanne

    Hi Mark,
    I am enjoying your photographs! It was good to meet you at the wedding in Long Island. Joanne

  3. Marco Frazier

    My father was born in Idaho. Moved to Cali at 6

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