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Ringing Rocks and Eco Terrorism


A little over a mile’s hike up the mountain from here is a thing called Ringing Rocks. Yup, the rocks ‘ring’ instead of thud.

I hiked up a couple of days ago to bring you this scintillating video…

Here are a couple of views along the way…

A little closer up…

There are lots of snowy peaks in Montana in June. Maybe always? (Well, until global warming destroys us all. Sooner than we think I’m afraid.)

I’ll close by redefining and, hopefully, re-weaponizing the term ‘eco terrorism’. Please use it in this context freely and often. I’m genuinely astounded by how little attention this gets.

This is the video’s description I wrote for YouTube:

“It’s time to call ATV/UTV and motorbike riders (as young as a couple of years old), who relentlessly and unapologetically tear through the most pristine landscapes of America, what they truly are: eco terrorists. Selfishly marauding across the country with zero regard for other people, the land they destroy, the millions of tons of dust they launch into the air we breathe and, worst of all, the noise pollution they not only ignore, but revel in. Stop. Please.”

And a bonus video to get you moving on a Sunday!

2 Responses to “Ringing Rocks and Eco Terrorism”

  1. Paul Langer

    I drove over the Big Horn Mountains in late July 1979 and there was snow at the top.

    • Mark Lipsky

      You’d have found me traversing the mountainous valleys of midtown Manhattan where the snow would likely have melted by then.

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