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Canada and Montana

Last week spent a wonderful few days with friends in the general vicinity of Banff Alberta Canada. We shared an airb/b in nearby Canmore. Cool sights, great food, and the company was superb.

Highlight was a day hiking around Lake Louise and Lake Moraine.

My most excellent pals at Lake Louise

Yes, the color is that unnaturally and spectacularly aquamarine…

This brief video was taken at the end of a couple of mile trail at Lake Moraine… (Please click the YouTube logo if the video isn’t playing properly)

I’m currently at a very cool spot near Great Falls, MT. Moving on into Idaho mid this coming week. That’s me down the road on the left…

Who the fuck wants to hunt swans?

Spotted this critter on an after dinner stroll around the neighborhood. Haven’t researched what it is yet, but it sure is cute. Weasel?

(Update: Looks like Debbie’s right. Racoon. I didn’t know they liked water.)

Finally, here’s tonight’s sunset…


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  1. Debbie Ring

    You are fortunate to be seeing so many breathtaking sites! Looks like a raccoon to me.

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