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Slide Out Not So Slide-y

I’ll be taking my first real break from the RV in a couple of weeks. A critical component, the slide-out, was apparently misaligned in the build and the manufacturer will be making it right. (It stopped working entirely about a year ago, was ‘fixed’, and now getting ready to fail again.) This will require me to empty it out completely, and them to transport it from Arizona to Indiana and back. (99% of them are made in Indiana.) It’s taken a great deal of perseverance and moxie, along with some tact and imagination, but it IS possible to convince a doggedly resistant corporation to do the right thing.

Will be dropping the rig off in Mesa AZ week of 9/11. I wouldn’t be anywhere near the heat of Phoenix in early September but I gotta do what I gotta do RV-wise. I’m guessing mid October to mid November before receiving it back. In the meantime, I’ll continue the road trip sans RV, reconnecting with friends in the Carolinas, then up to the NY metro area to visit with friends and family there.

Been at this most excellent location near Provo, UT for about a week. Next, more Utah.

2 Responses to “Slide Out Not So Slide-y”

  1. Debbie Ring

    Happy trails to you, looking forward to seeing you pretty soon!

  2. Marco Frazier

    Good luck with the repairs ! See you when you get to NYC!

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