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Traveling Light (?)

For 20 or 30 years, as I’ve moved to new apartments or homes, I’ve striven to get rid of stuff. I wanted less stuff and threw away or gave away as much as I could. Then three years ago I moved into a 27 foot travel trailer, throwing away or giving away a bunch of stuff as I loaded up the RV.

It felt like I was filling the rig with more than I’d actually need or use on my journey and I was right. I very quickly realized how much more valuable space was than stuff in that environment, so I’ve thrown away or given away things along the way. But not enough apparently.

This past week, in advance of transport of the trailer to the manufacturer in Indiana, I had to empty the thing out completely. I couldn’t believe how much stuff came out. As usual, I gave away or threw away stuff as I packed and moved into storage, but geez…

As I load back up – likely in early November – I expect/hope to throw/give more stuff away.

In the meantime, the big east coast road trip – sans RV – has begun. I left Mesa Thursday afternoon and stayed overnight about 40 miles east of Albuquerque in Moriarty, New Mexico. It was something like 2 hours further than I’d anticipated, but that’s the road for you. For me anyhow.

Kinda by accident, I found a gem of a motel on Route 66 called the Sunset Motel. I thought it was actually in Albuquerque when I made the ressy. Expedia can be a tricky little devil. But as it turned out, the Sunset was awesome. I arrived late, almost 11 local time, and had to get the owner out of bed (he strolled into the office in a bathrobe) to check me in. He was super friendly and apologetic and pointed out a tidy white bag as I was heading to my room containing tomorrow’s breakfast: 2 home-baked pastries and some fruit. Very cool. The room was pitch perfect in every way, right down to the rubber ducky on the bathtub ledge. Spotless, crisp linens, many little touches and details. His grandfather built it in the 50s, he and other family members renovated it some time back, and it’s still in the family. Very personal and it shows. Do stay there if you’re ever 40 miles east of Albuquerque.

Next night (last night) stayed in Amarillo, TX and had dinner at the Big Texan, where I’d eaten over 40 years ago on my first-ever cross-country road trip with my buddy Lance. We were traveling in style in a brand new, heavily-laden Cadillac that I was being paid to transport to California. Lance and I still talk about that trip – and especially that dinner at Big Texan. Was as good last night as it was 40+ years ago.

Tonight I’ll be staying in Oklahoma City. First destination is a visit with friends in Saint Helena Island, SC. Expected arrival Wednesday, maybe Thursday.

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  1. Paul Laanger

    Happy Trails!

    Yvonne and I did your trip in a brand new 1982 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe. Per your suggestion, we ate at The Big Texan in Amarillo. I didn’t remember the name, but we followed your directions to the restaurant.

    On reducing…

    I wish my storage space looked like yours. When we moved from a big house to a little apartment a couple of years ago, we took only what we needed and pretty much nailed it. We had only planned on being in NYC for a couple of years, but now we want to stay for the duration. Consequently, I have two storage units stuffed to the gills with stuff I really don’t need. Getting rid of that will be a project soon.

    I hope you have a great trip to the East. Really want to see you!

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