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Where The Tusks Are Looser

Greetings from Tuscaloosa, AL. My non-RV roadtrip is nearing its end. New Orleans tomorrow for a day or two then three or four more days to Mesa, AZ where I’ll get reacquainted with the rig and get back to life as I knew it.

It’s been extremely groovy seeing and staying with family and friends back east. A highlight was the serendipity of being able to attend a glorious 95th birthday celebration surrounded by family, many of whom I’d not have seen on this extended ‘vacation’ otherwise.

You’re an inspiration for us all Eli!

I’ve made a flock of commitments to myself in advance of my return to life on the road. I’ll report on each as they’re fulfilled.

For now, don’t get bit by any cottonmouths. (Hi Rick.)

4 Responses to “Where The Tusks Are Looser”

  1. Debbie Ring

    Being able to see you again and spend time with you was far out! My kids enjoyed their visits as well! I am happy for you that you will soon be reunited with your home.

  2. rick

    Cottonmouth is a rather special word…should be two words…don’t you think?

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