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Back To Cold, And Tranquility


Back on the road tomorrow am. It turns out living on the I-10 is as bad as you might imagine. Moving frequently from park to park can get expensive, but life happens. Plus these places don’t like to cough up refunds and do so only with great reluctance. In this case, I paid up front for a month but only stayed 4 days. Here’s their rate structure…

DAILY – $45
WEEKLY – $300
MONTHLY – $500

I paid $180 for 4 days vs. $500 for a month. $45/day vs. $16/day. Same basic deal at the previous place in El Centro. That was only 2 days though. Anyhow, they did refund me the difference but I was prepared to just pay it if it came to that. The I-10 thing has been that disruptive, especially at night and, believe it or not, especially at the exact level of my bed, and the precise angle of the noise to my head while it’s lying on a pillow. Go figure.

After some intense research this morning,  I landed on a place in Benson, AZ which sits at 3500 feet. (This place is 1600 feet.) It was in the teens overnight and will be again tonight and possibly tomorrow night. Then it warms all the was up to 30 and above overnights, and 60s – even 70! – afternoons. Or so the weatherman says. I don’t care. Like Kyle, I’m sure glad this is over, but I learned something today. (Stay off the Interstate!)

Here’s the new digs. I’ll be off the road, somewhere in the green. More soon.

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