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Finally On The Road For Real

Lone Tree BLM campsite Lake Havasu


Last lingering repairs were completed in Mesa on Wednesday. Hit the road Thursday morning and landed in Lake Havasu City around 2pm as planned. Nestled into a pretty sweet spot at the Lone Tree BLM campsite off Hwy. 95 just south of I-40…

It’s difficult to think and write at the moment because I recently stuffed myself with a cauliflower-crusted, pepperoni and mushroom pizza. Next few days it’ll be nothing but my typical oatmeal/cinnamon/raisin/vanilla almond milk breakfast followed by a non-bread, opposite-of-decadent late lunch.

Given my slovenly state, I’ll close quickly with the good news that I figured out how to have my gorgeous Scotty Bechtold original art guitar with me on the road. I’d asked friends to store it for me fearing I’d never see it again, so this is such an unexpected pleasure. Equally good news is that I stumbled on the remote for the guitar’s interior lighting today!

6 Responses to “Finally On The Road For Real”

  1. Stu Wittner

    Hi Mark, my wife and I recently discovered a cauliflower pizza which is fabulous. Good to hear that you’re well and traveling safely. Stu

    • Mark Lipsky

      Hey Stu – Always great to hear from you. I’m definitely a fan of cauliflower pizza now and will likely choose it over a regular crust given the choice. Cauliflower, go figure.

  2. Debbie Ring

    Great news on the guitar Mark, it is such a uniquely beautiful piece of artwork!!


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