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Just Crane Crazy


Wow, that was a very long pause between blog posts. Sorry about that.

The weather is finally showing signs of breaking, though it’s still pretty much in one piece at the moment. In any case, I’ll be moving on from Benson on Friday, headed back to Always RV for minor, left-over repairs from earlier in the year. Should be on the road again by Tuesday/Wednesday which will be the honest -to-goodness launch of this adventure.

Today I checked a box that’s been lingering almost since I first arrived in Benson. Between October and mid-March, 20,000 sandhill cranes make their home within the Whitewater Draw Recreation Area. It’s just under an hour to the cranes from my home base and I spent maybe another hour shooting. I was using a brand new zoom lens plus I’m still a rank amateur at operating my newish Sony camera so I was very much flying by the seat of my trousers.

I curated and edited the below from 548 images taken. In my defense, many of those images were shot using burst mode. Still, I have a ton of learning and experimenting ahead before considering myself halfway knowledgeable and proficient with this gear.

(Hey Mark, let’s start with cleaning the lens before shooting.)

Sony A7iii camera with Sony G-Master 100-400 telephoto lens

Here’s a brief video clip to help set the scene. (I have even more learning and experimenting to do shooting video with this camera. Lesson one – don’t try panning with a 100-400 zoom lens – mounted on an only OK tripod – unless you’re Vilmos Zsigmond.)

Please click on the images for full resolution.


6 Responses to “Just Crane Crazy”

  1. Debbie

    My favorites were of them flying. Hope none of them pooped on you! Well done!


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