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Visit to Rancho Rossa Vineyard

Hound Dog cabernet

Took a pre-steak-dinner trip to Rancho Rossa yesterday with Linda and Cliff. The excuse was really bread-related – Cliff and Linda have a subscription for fresh-baked bread that they pick up at the Vineyard. I nabbed some ‘extra’ bread while I was there.

We savored a glass of wine since we were, you know, at a winery. I also picked up a couple of bottles for future sipping. This vineyard is deep into dog rescue so certain purchases are 100% earmarked for that purpose. The two bottles I purchased are part of that effort, as you can see from the label.

The label is weirdly confusing on two fronts. The word ‘Chablis’ is prominent but that’s the name of the dog, not the wine varietal. The wine is supposed to be 100% cabernet although the label presents it as a blend. In any case, it’s the same wine I sipped there by the glass and it was very good.

Took a couple of pics…

Store and tasting room

Linda & Cliff – Temps continue to be below average here. Mid 20s overnight last night!

Unfortunately, Rancho Rossa recently lost all their vines due to some sort of Covid-19-grade grape disease so they’ve all been removed. Replanting can’t happen for several more months.

Absent vines


More missing vines





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  1. Jason kraus


    Good friends, wine and bread. A trifector. And with a great cause to boot sounds like a nice day:


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