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Photographic Day-Trip to Bisbee


As evidenced by the deafening absence of recent posts, I’ve had nothing much to report lately. Still in a holding pattern, waiting out winter.

So…I took advantage of today’s relatively rare weather – a warm-ish sunny day, high of 75 – to drive over to Bisbee, AZ for a quickie photo shoot. Bisbee is a cool little town tucked into the Mule Mountains, 45 miles down the road past storied and boring Tombstone.

A few selects… (click a pic for larger image)

Along the way, this defunct grocery in St. David, Az caught my eye. It had been named for the town’s first grocer who operated in the 1880s.

Grandma Goodman’s

This cactus cluster off Hwy 80 also caught my eye along the way…

Cactus at rest

And now, Bisbee…

A slice of Bisbee from on high


Ancient Greek street art by Muckrock


Less ancient street art by Muckrock


Dead end angels


This one apparently voted for Biden


This virile copper miner is also fighting Covid responsibly



For all you Deadheads


Local bike shop and brothel


I couldn’t agree more


As I was shooting these body building trophies, the actual trophy winner walked outside and asked, “You want a picture of the real thing?” How could I refuse…


Virtual trophies


The real thing


Telling truth to power


Appropriate Bisbee photo tour exit

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    • Mark Lipsky

      Thanks! Yes, like the camera. Need a telephoto lens which I’ll order this week. That’ll make a big difference in what’s possible.


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