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Crawdad Cove


After two solid weeks off grid just outside Lake Havasu City – first time I got in a full 14 days off grid! – spent the last two nights at an OK RV park in Boulder City, NV en route to my new home for the next three nights, Crawdad Cove at Lake Meade.

I found this spot a week or so ago doing a little online research. Based on the Google satellite image that was available, it looked like a coin toss whether or not there’d be room for me. As it turns out, I shouldn’t have worried. It appeared more intimate on Google than it actually is, but it’s still one of the top three spots I’ve landed in.

There are several families right at the shore just beyond where I’ve set up shop, out of site and I’m pretty certain out of range of any late night party noise. It’s the start of the weekend, so likely even more serene during the week. I may return after heading into Las Vegas Tuesday morning to have some minor electrical work done to my solar set-up. If I decide not to return to the Cove, I have another spot scoped out in the foothills west of Las Vegas that looks pretty sweet as well.

Plan was to head this way for a week or two in order to begin the northward journey and, of course, to say hi to brother Jeff. In a stroke of scheduling luck, brother Scott had been planning to be here for a few days during this same timeframe, both to visit Jeff and expose Charlotte to Vegas for the first time.

Family dinner planned for this Wednesday 🙂

Stay tuned…

5 Responses to “Crawdad Cove”

  1. Cathy Cunningham

    Sounds like your adventures are shaping up nicely. I will be selling my travel trailer ….a LOT of work for just me. AND I have recently become distracted by tropical living. Bought a little but lovely house on the lava on the Big Island in Puna. Enjoy your journeys! Glad it is working out for you.

    • Mark Lipsky

      Never been to Hawaii and likely won’t get there with the trailer, but will cross the sea eventually and would love to visit your lovely new home. Enjoy!

  2. Debbie Ring

    Gorgeous view! So happy that you will be getting to see the bros, hoping next time all of us!


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