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Slow Train to Western Canada by Summer


Since we last spoke just over a month ago, I departed Lake Meade, stayed a week just north of Lake Havasu City (for the third time now) then shot down to Phoenix where I flew east for my niece’s wedding.

Had a great time in Lake Meade/Las Vegas with brother Jeff plus a surprise appearance I’d arranged with brother Scott who flew in for a few days’ visit. I actually stayed at Scott’s hotel for 3 nights, leaving the rig back at Crawdad Cove where I tried not to imagine that it would be gone or broken into when I returned. Of course, it was just as I’d left it and all was well.

Here was the view from our hotel…(thanks again Scotty!)

I’ve already posted pics from Crawdad Cove, so I’ll skip that and move right to pics from my current home, about 45 minutes from Page, AZ. Sometimes, living out here is pretty special. Unfortunately, there were ferocious, nearly constant winds the first day and a half which came a hair’s breadth from driving me away. Glad I stuck it out. The last 3 days, winds have been calm to nil. I took all of these within 75 yards of the rig. But first, a 360 video of the neighborhood…

But the video never captures the majesty of a place like this, so…

The rig is dead center in this one…

This morning, on a tip from my most excellent friend Rick, I did a tour of Antelope Canyon. Most folks visit either Upper or Lower Canyon. I chose ‘Canyon X’ which was supposed to be less crowded and less rushed. All true. I’ll post up a few pics from there in the coming days.

I’ll leave you with my answer to ‘The Slap’. I miss you Craig Ferguson! (Fuck you Will Smith, you irredeemable turd.) Here’s how I wrote it up for Facebook: The Slap. It takes me back to 2013 when another showbiz slap happened. It didn’t occur on an Oscar broadcast and the victim wasn’t a famous comedian. I love horses, and this slap was just as shocking and just as disturbing. Please share, and let’s not slap horses…

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  1. cliff

    The cliffs are magnificent!
    Missing rocks – but loving beach in sc.
    2 months away from rocks after 30 years in rocks , different .
    Remember to pull in the shades the wind will be back,

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