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Extended Stay Near Boulder, Utah

My first two weeks in the Boulder, UT area went so well that I’ve moved a few miles down the road to a spot just outside the opposite end of town for another two week stay. The main reason for extending my stay here is that, except for a couple of days in the 80s, temps have been in the 50s and 60s for the most part with lows in the 30s. Rather than pushing north as planned and continuing to burn heaps of propane every night for heat, it made sense to hang here a bit longer.

Had a couple of days of severe wind but that’s endemic to most of the west at certain times of the year. Like now.

This past Saturday, my friend Julie took me on my first honest hike since I don’t when. We hiked into the Calf Creek Recreation Area but I can’t be more precise than that since our way down was off the beaten path and still mostly under the tourist radar. I’m sworn to secrecy. We started down into the canyon beginning around 9:30 am and passed only one other couple who were on their way out. We didn’t see another human until over an hour later when we were hiking back up. The climb out was pretty strenuous, especially at close to 7000 feet, and I’m still feeling it. Way worth it though…

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  1. Stuart

    Hi Mark,
    Fabulous to see. Safe travels. Stu

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