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Thursday Bonus Post – This Video Has Changed My Life


As the result of my viewing a YouTube video yesterday, I believe I’ve appointed myself Mobile Campaign Manager for a 2024 Presidential run that may or may not happen. Please watch this video. The last time I shared a video that I felt was as urgent and historic as this one was the George Floyd video.

This country needs Mallory McMorrow to run for President. Not down the road, not after she’s gotten a second term as Michigan State Senator under her belt, but now, in 2024.

I’ve written her office to express these same beliefs and, whether or not she runs, I’m committed to being a mobile billboard and potential mobile campaign office for McMorrow 2024.

Yes, such a run is stupendously unlikely, but that’s what dreams are made of. And if this country has any hope of surviving the ravages of the Reagan/Bushes/Trump era of fear, loathing, anti-democracy and race/other-bating, she’s it. Here’s why…

and her most recent live, weekly Q&A for constituents…

She’s the 21st century equivalent of RFK with not a little Lincoln sprinkled in. She’s Catholic, her husband is Jewish. Perfect. She’s right on every issue. Every one. And she’s the most talented, inspired political communicator since, since I don’t know when. I’m on board. Are you?

McMorrow 2024.


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  1. Marco

    Will watch and follow Mallory with interest.

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