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New York Times Fail


Yesterday’s NY Times featured an article about a reporter taking on van life for a week and how it all went wrong. There is so much wrong with the piece that I did something I’ve never done; I wrote a comment. Back in the olden days, when people read the paper on actual paper, I had several letters to the editor published but I’ve never felt moved to comment.

For any of you who have a few minutes to kill, here’s the article and my comment. (Apologies for not having done a proper edit before posting. Although, of hundreds of comments on this article, I believe mine is the number one or two most recommended. Woo hoo!)

2 Responses to “New York Times Fail”

    • Mark Lipsky

      I replied to the snark but the Times hasn’t published it yet. I have a feeling her restaurant reviews are as much or more about her as the food.

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