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Hi there. A rare second post in a day.

I didn’t want to forget to write about how much I enjoyed watching Shoplifters last night. Not since I watched Rafiki earlier this year have I been so impressed and touched by genuine emotion in a film. It’s so rare and it’s happened twice this year. I feel very lucky.

There may be other options, but Shoplifters is available for streaming on Amazon for $3.99.

I watched Rafiki on Netflix (thanks Stacy!) which is an odd place to find a film about lesbians in Nairobi but Scorsese had something to do with it so I guess that made it OK. Anyhow, it’s not there anymore but it’s on Amazon for $1.99. Which makes you wonder why the Japanese film about shoplifters is valued more highly there than the Kenyan film about lesbians. They’re equally outstanding…

(The Rafiki trailer is way too revealing about the story and characters, so if you think you may ever see the movie, try not to click on the trailer. No, seriously.)


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  1. Paul Langer

    We saw Shoplifters at the Huntington Cinema Arts Center preview club (where we also saw Jeff Lipsky’s “The Last”). I remember the film being unanimously enjoyed by the audience.

    I’ll check out Rafiki.

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