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Video Thursday


As I wait out the last day or two of my unfortunate tethering to Mesa, Arizona, I’m going to catch up here on a couple of videos I’ve wanted to post.

At the ranch in Sonoita, where I’ll be returning after repairs to the trailer are ‘complete’, I came across something on a walk across the property the other day that I’d never seen before…


Also, in reviewing my YouTube channel videos recently, I was reminded that I’d produced this teaser for a documentary feature that my friend Amos Poe and I had hoped to make back in the mid 90s. I didn’t shoot this, so don’t blame me for the crazy camerawork, but John Manniel’s commentary about what it means to be a righteous cop vs. the kind of  hair-trigger, testosterone-driven Neanderthals we’ve seen break bad to the point of murder far too often in this country, is very relevant in 2020 and definitely worth a look.

Note the unhappy comments from Frank Serpico.


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  1. Debbie Ring

    Wow, learn something new every day! I looked up mirrors at horse training centers and learned that they are considered an essential training aid. The visual feedback provides aid with correction of posture, and helps improve body alignment, core stability and balance. Very cool find, Mark!


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