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Safety and security are always in the back of my mind while boondocking in remote-ish areas. I own a couple of outdoor Nest cameras that came in handy as crittercams when I lived in Cave Creek. I brought them with me not knowing whether I’d ever have a way to power them or supply the requisite high-speed bandwidth to make them come alive.

I figured it out. It’s not cheap from a data perspective. Running overnight burns appx 3 GB of highspeed data, and data costs me $40 for 15GB or $50 for 25GB. That’s over and above the 90GB I’m paying Verizon each month for my phone and hotspot, which I reserve for everything else. I run the Nestcam on a cheap, prepaid ATT phone that I purchased recently for areas where Verizon sucks and ATT sucks less. Unlimited data won’t be a thing for me until Elon Musk launches enough satellites to make his Starlink service more generally available; hopefully later this year, but I’m not holding my breath.

Cost aside, though, I’m thrilled to have finally gotten it together to reanimate the crittercam. I’ll only be using it ‘in the woods’ and, hopefully, its value will be exclusively as a crittercam and not as a means for providing evidence in a murder trial.

I may come up with a more elegant solution down the road, but here’s the current set-up…

Anyhow, here’s my very first crittercam video from the road – a moose! 3:22 this morning…

A few birds cam out of hiding yesterday as well. They weren’t very interesting birds but I carved out these two ‘art’ shots. Click for full appreciation.

Japanese Woodcut Bird

Idaho Phoenix


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  1. Jason Kraus

    I have wanted to see a moose. In all my travels, they have escaped me. Very cool.


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